iubes are intelligent cubes and we hate them all.
version 1.15
everything is up and running.
may 15, 2014
version 1.14: new population cap, new speed ratios, improved AI... → Changelog
april 22, 2014
version 1.12: what will be your strategy against yourself? Discover the selfie mode!
december 29, 2013
version 1.0.9: refined solo modes, more informations about constructions, and building placement made easier.
iubes killed in action.
What's this game?

I don't know exactly how to categorize this game. It's a half real-time strategy game, half god-game, with maybe some other halves...

Basically, your goal is much like a classic RTS game: build your city, defend it, make a lot of soldiers, and ravage your enemy without mercy! But the way of doing this will be completely different than what you may be used to.

The concept here is to focus on interactions between your iubes, your city, and above all time! A well timed plan is the key to everything.

how to play?

You can't control directly your iubes, they'll do... whatever they think they have to. You only decide what they must build.

There is no fixed build time for constructions. This can vary greatly based on your the number of iubes available, resources location, and so on. That is to say you'll have to bring the best organization to make an effective city.

Take the time to learn how to create an efficient development strategy because it'll require a lot of delicacy and complexity to find the best timing.

ingame screen

1time management: the game is divided in day/night cycles. Each day lasts 1 hour. As soon as the 1 hour timer is over, night will fall! At night ghosts only rise from a cemetary (that you'll have to build), and night stops as soon as both players dead iubes stacks are empty.

2 speed factor: you can change time flow up to a x100 factor. You'll quickly realize it's a key feature. But take care: a whole day will last only 36 seconds while playing at x100 speed... Stay focused because a lot of things can occur playing at x100 speed!

3 player's panel: there is only 3 parameters displayed. Food: that's the way to multiply or replace iubes. If your food stock is low, you'll be in trouble! Population: nothing to explain. And at last Souls: that's how many iubes have been killed during the last day and will rise from your graveyard.

4 build: click to open the construction selector. You can manage up to 10 simultaneous constructions.

5 statistics: to monitor what's going on here. Free (idle iubes), Builders, Farmers, Towers (iubes defending on towers), Soldiers, and Ghosts (night time). Very useful to learn your balance.

6 calling: map arrows are iubes calling for help. Basically, they need coworkers to speed up a new construction.

7 work in progress: light rings are unfinished constructions.


1 there is neither cost, nor stocks needed before setting up a building. All is a matter of time (available iubes) and of location (resources proximity). Think very well about the order and the location of your constructions. You'll discover that your choice can utterly influence the time taken to finish a building.

2 each building can need 4 different kind of resources: clay, wood, stones, and steel. While clay and wood can be found directly on the playfield, you'll need special building for the last two: build a pit for stones gathering, and a forge to create steel.

Important: you can't request iubes to stop or destroy their own buildings. You have to create a one-way strategy!

online battles

Online battles are quite unusual. Iubes is not a standard RTS: rather than simply defeat a single opponent, the goal is to develop a better organization than anyone. Online games are a kind of instancing chain system:

When you're playing against player B (C vs B) you're actually playing against the strategy that player B has made against player A. When your battle is over - and if you have won the game - player D will be asked to try to defeat your strategy (D vs C). If D loses against you (C), your map could be played by dozen of opponents.

There are 100,000 unique maps with very different resources and locations for building. No need to rush as YOU always control speed of the game. Therefore, take the time it takes to create an efficient development strategy.

Battles and players are ranked: thus you'll encounter more and more experienced players / strategies and you'll need to be more and more efficient in settling up your cities...

some advices

Don't make a bad habbit of playing too fast (above x3 speed control). Take your time to understand what's going on, how iubes works, and always closely examine the battlefield.

Before settling your city, take a look at the whole map to find the best spot!

You'll quickly understand the whole game. But Devil is in the details. Play against experienced players and you'll figure it's not as simple as it looks!

Thank to Sam Ouimette "Ramcat" for the help provided here with editing.

Greenwashing: iubes are environmentally friendly and 100% manufactured from recyclable materials.
Current version: IUBES 1.15
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